Close To My Heart -Annual Inspirations 2016-17 Retiring List


Item # Description 

1243 Goldrush Cardstock
1272 Cranberry Cardstock
1273 Desert Sand Cardstock
1282 New England Ivy Cardstock
1292 Crystal Blue Cardstock
1301 Bamboo Cardstock
1388 Colonial White Cardstock
3174 Blending Pen
9036 Originals Card Confidence Program
9037 Reflections Scrapbook Program
9038 Cherish Scrapbook Program
9039 Imagine Scrapbook Program
9040 Magic Scrapbook Program
9041 Wishes Card Confidence Program

A1180 Safari Ballet
A1185 Friendly Wishes
A1193 Wreath
A1195 Lovely Leaves
A1198 Hi Friend
A1198F Hi Friend
A1198S Hi Friend

B1480 Diploma Day
B1531 Racecar Birthday
B1533 Circus Birthday
B1535 Hooked on You
B1541 Love Your Face
B1543 Get Better
B1547 Wedding Wishes Bulk

160 Colonial White Bulk

C1605 Happy to Be Friends
C1605F Happy to Be Friends
C1605S Happy to Be Friends
C1608 Brushstrokes
C1612 Shower Flowers
C1619 So Many Smiles
C1631 Birthday Princess
C1660 Happy For You
C1660F Happy For You
C1660S Happy For You
C1662 Wise Guy Birthday
C1662F Wise Guy Birthday
C1662S Wise Guy Birthday
C1664 Swirly Seashells
C1666 Homegrown
C1668 Baby Bundle

D1646 Finding the Words
D1646F Finding the Words
D1646S Finding the Words
D1660 Ink Blot
D1667 Balloon Wishes
D1668 Charming Cascades
D1700 Way To Go
D1701 Plan On It
D1702 Capture This
D1702F Capture This
D1702S Capture This
D1707 Let's Go
D1711 True Love

M1057 Alabama
M1058 Alaska
M1059 Alberta
M1060 Arizona
M1061 Arkansas
M1064 British Columbia
M1066 Colorado
M1068 Delaware
M1070 Georgia
M1072 Idaho
M1074 Indiana
M1076 Kansas
M1078 Louisiana
M1080 Manitoba
M1082 Massachusetts
M1084 Mississippi
M1086 Montana
M1088 Nevada
M1090 New Hampshire
M1092 New Mexico
M1094 New Zealand
M1096 North Carolina
M1098 Northwest Territories
M1100 Nunavut
M1102 Oklahoma
M1104 Oregon
M1106 Prince Edward Island
M1108 Rhode Island
M1110 South Carolina
M1112 Tennessee
M1114 Utah
M1116 Virginia
M1118 West Virginia
M1120 Wyoming
M1133 Minnesota

W1167 Cardstock Color Wheel

X1410 Colonial White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack
X5642 Cocoa Cardstock
X5751 Sorbet Cardstock
X5759 Pacifica Cardstock
X5763 Smoothie Cardstock
X5770 Glacier Cardstock
X5772 Canary Cardstock
X5774 Eggplant Cardstock
X5776 Peacock Cardstock
X5778 Saffron Cardstock
X5780 Pomegranate Cardstock
X5782 Pansy Cardstock
X5784 Willow Cardstock
X5786 Tangerine Cardstock
X5788 Raspberry Cardstock
X5790 Adventure Combo Pack
X5928 Saddle Cardstock
X5930 Slate Cardstock
X5932 Cashmere Cardstock
X5940 Whimsy Combo Pack

Z1471 Ruler
Z1859 Foam Mat
Z1967 Base Bling Square Glass Covers
Z2011 Base & Bling Oval Glass Covers
Z2013 Sequins Silver Assortment
Z2203 Bamboo Exclusive InksTM Re-inker
Z2214 Cocoa Exclusive InksTM Re-inker
Z2268 Colonial White Exclusive InksTM Re-inker
Z2272 Whisper Exclusive InksTM Re-inker
Z2274 Champagne Exclusive InksTM Re-inker
Z2503 Basics Exclusive InksTM Mini Pigment Pads Set
Z2507 Sea Glass Mini Pigment Pad
Z2713 Sea Glass Reinker
Z2713 Sea Glass Reinker
Z2803 Bamboo Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2811 Chocolate Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2813 Sea Glass Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2814 Cocoa Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2818 Desert Sand Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2868 Colonial White Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2871 Saddle Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2872 Whisper Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2873 Slate Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2874 Champagne Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z2875 Cashmere Exclusive InksTM Stamp Pad
Z3022 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive
Z3022 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive
Z3023 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive Refill
Z3023 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive Refill
Z3031 Shoulder Tote
Z3031 Shoulder Tote
Z3086 Aqua Shimmer Trim
Z3086 Aqua Shimmer Trim
Z3087 Green Shimmer Trim
Z3087 Green Shimmer Trim
Z3088 Coral Shimmer Trim
Z3088 Coral Shimmer Trim
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
Z3093 Fern Thick Twine
Z3093 Fern Thick Twine
Z3096 Circle Diffuser
Z3096 Circle Diffuser
Z3097 Square Diffuser
Z3097 Square Diffuser
Z3107 Base & Bling Bow Charm—Faux Gold
Z3107 Base & Bling Bow Charm—Faux Gold
Z3108 Base & Bling Ribbon Charm—Faux Gold
Z3108 Base & Bling Ribbon Charm—Faux Gold
Z3109 Base & Bling Heart Charm—Faux Gold
Z3109 Base & Bling Heart Charm—Faux Gold
Z3110 Base & Bling Heart Charm—Faux Silver
Z3116 Memory ProtectorsTM Mini 4" × 4"
Z3117 Memory ProtectorsTM Mini 2" × 2"
Z3118 Confetti Embossing Folder
Z3119 Confetti Stars Embossing Folder
Z3120 Marker Roll-Up
Z3121 Accessory Roll-Up
Z3122 Enamel & Glitter Duos Blue Dots
Z3123 Enamel & Glitter Duos Green Triangles
Z3124 Enamel &  Glitter Duos Purple Hearts
Z3129 Gold Foil Tape
Z3130 Silver Foil Tape
Z3131 Thumb Notch Punch
Z3133 Base & Bling Bow Charm—Faux Silver
Z3134 Base & Bling Ribbon Charm—Faux Silver
Z3140 Base & Bling Black Bead Charm—Faux Gold
Z3141 Base & Bling Black Bead Charm—Faux Silver
Z3143 Base & Bling Teal Bead Charm—Faux Silver
Z3144 Picture My LifeTM Overlays—Gold Silver
Z3151 Base & Bling Square Pendant—Faux Silver
Z3152 Base & Bling Square Pendant—Faux Gold
Z3153 Base & Bling Circle Pendant—Faux Silver
Z3154 Base & Bling Circle Pendant—Faux Gold
Z3155 Base & Bling Rectangle Pendant—Faux Silver
Z3156 Base & Bling Rectangle Pendant—Faux Gold
Z3157 Base & Bling Oval Pendant—Faux Silver
Z3158 Base & Bling Oval Pendant—Faux Gold
Z3159 Base & Bling Chain—Faux Gold
Z3160 Base & Bling Chain—Faux Silver
Z3161 Base & Bling Rhinestones—Faux Silver
Z3162 Base & Bling Rhinestones—Faux Gold
Z3193 Picture My LifeTM Overlays—White
Z3196 Base & Bling Necklace Cards
Z3218 Rose Gold Foil Tape
Z3240 Sea Glass Glitter Paper
Z3246 All About the Gold Fundamentals
Z3247 Simple Chevron Embossing Folder
Z3248 Wood Slats Embossing Folder
Z3249 Happy Thoughts Embossing Folder
Z3250 Word Search Embossing Folder
Z3253 Adventure Fundamentals
Z3254 Enchantment Fundamentals
Z3255 Whimsy Fundamentals
Z3256 Thin Cuts—Celebrate
Z3257 Thin Cuts—Love
Z3258 Thin Cuts—Happy
Z3259 Thin Cuts—Hello & Thanks
Z3260 Thin Cuts—Hearts
Z3261 Thin Cuts—Stars
Z3262 Rustic Home Fundamentals
Z3263 Uptown Fundamentals
Z3264 Good Life Complements
Z3265 School K–6 Complements
Z3266 School 7–12 Complements
Z3267 All Together Complements
Z3269 You & Me Complements
Z3270 InstalifeTM Album—Blush
Z3272 Baby Girl Complements
Z3273 Baby Boy Complements
Z3275 #LifeTM Cards—Hello Gorgeous
Z3276 Base & Bling Royalty Style Sheet
Z3277 Base & Bling Mad for Plaid Style Sheet
Z3279 #LifeTM Overlays—Gold
Z3280 Base & Watercolor Sheet—Gold
Z3281 Base & Bling Watercolor Sheet—Clear
Z3282 InstalifeTM Album—Blue Jean
Z3284 #LifeTM Overlays—Black
Z3286 Adventure Ribbon Pack
Z3287 Whimsy Ribbon Pack
Z3288 Enchantment Ribbon Pack
 Z3289 Uptown Ribbon Pack
Z3291 #LifeTM Cards—Enjoy
Z3292 Rustic Home Ribbon Pack
Z3294 Memo Fundamentals
Z3306 My Boy Complements
Z3307 Springtime Complements
Z3308 My Girl Complements
Z3309 Snapshot Complements
Z9978 My Crush® Adventure Calls

The last day for ordering items out of Annual Inspirations 2016–2017 will be Monday, July 31. Be sure to place orders for any retiring items from the current Annual Inspirations idea book before they are gone for good! 

You can place your orders HERE 

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