...this is Me

I did this album with the purpose to tell a little more about Me. As you can see my main topic is my Family. They are the center of my life. It is because of them that I am here. They are my support and my everything.

This mini album/book besides showing how important is my family , shows also my taste for color, textures and designs. There is a meaning for each specific design element that I used here.

At the very beginning of the album you see what I'm all about..." I celebrate life, love and my family". I use color to represent my happiness and joy. The trees on this book represents to me the care and love they need to grow healthy and bloom. Like the care and love that I receive from my family and my love ones. The care and love that I give them, and the importance of having them in my life.

Life is full of surprises...there is a future waiting for us . No matter what , no matter where,... always remember to " celebrate life, love and your family"...


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