2023 Round Up for Eileen Hull Designs.

 This is my first time here trying to choose my favorite 3 (oh yeah !!! only 3 ) projects done as a Team Member for Eileen Hull Designs. It was not easy at all. I couldn't decide. So I went kind of random....and the winners are ......

Let's start with the top left one... The Collage Fodder Organizer vol. 1 . Here I mixed my two passions , Mixed Media and making books. For the Book I used Eileen Hull Passport Journal Die and the Thinlits Tiled Alphanumeric. Both from Sizzix. I did all the inserts out of recycled printer's paper. I use GelPress plates to add teh color and patterns. I decided to make 3 signatures. Attached them using some elastic for easy access  and easy removal when needed. This is also a great way of storing your mixed media printed papers. 

 Now let's go to the top right project ... The Romantic Box. For the Box I used : Slotted Treat Box , Skinny Mini Elements, Envelope, Foldeer & Flower dies . 

For the flowers I used the Envelope, Foldeer & Flower die. I did assembled the flower to make them 3D. 

And the las project, the one to the bottom right ..The Sun Flower Mini Note Book. For this I used the Card Case die. For the flower I used Eileen's Sun Flower die .  For the inside I added a small Composition notebook that I decorated  using napkins as well as I did for the whole project. Thank to Eileen's for sending such a beautiful collection of napkins. 

There is so much going on for 2024 that you don't want to missed.  We are already working on new project designs. 

Scrapbook.com Christmas in july with eileen hull's exclusive dies - Mini Album with Wood Ornament -

This is one of the projects that I designed and did for this release. As you al know I love making 3d projects and mini books / albums. I wanted to use the Card Caddy Die in a different way. It occurred to me to used it as the base for a mini photo album. 

I did cut white chipboard with the Card Caddy Die. Then I cut the designed paper with the same die. I cut each page a little shorter than the chipboard base just to have that little white showing to make a white border. 

For embellishment I used the rest of the dies from the release. My favorite are the ones that I cut with foiled cardstock. It looks like metal. Love the shinny metal looking.   

icad challenge 2023 - icad # 45 / 61

Start your day with a “Smile”. I like all that is going on with this iCad. Let’s start with the background. Using a @gelpress printing plate with @decoart paints I added some ‘ visual texture ‘. On top of dad I stamped and embossed some mandalas. For that I used @ranger_ink white embossing powder. Then I added some rub- ons . For the frame around the iCad I use @stabilo black Aquarellable pencil.

45 / 61

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Icad Challenge 2023 - icad # 44 / 61

This is a very elaborated iCad. I spend quite some time making it. Starting with the background I used a @gelpress plate with @decoart paints . Also used @tcwstencils . On top of that I added layers of collage fodder. To the top left there is like a quarter of a circle . That is a coffee filter painted like the background but with different Decoart paint colors. Also I added some elements painted with my own designed paint rolls. To the right there are 2 mandalas. They are a result of many layers of paint. After that I cut them out of cardstock. Inside of the 2 mandalas there is a half circle. This one was done first using a stamp and embossing it with @ranger_ink white embossing powder. To finish it all I added some @tcwstencils White Pearl Modeling Paste.
Wow !!! It is amazing how much you can do with an index card in such a small format.

44 / 61

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