Icad Challenge 2023 - icad # 44 / 61

This is a very elaborated iCad. I spend quite some time making it. Starting with the background I used a @gelpress plate with @decoart paints . Also used @tcwstencils . On top of that I added layers of collage fodder. To the top left there is like a quarter of a circle . That is a coffee filter painted like the background but with different Decoart paint colors. Also I added some elements painted with my own designed paint rolls. To the right there are 2 mandalas. They are a result of many layers of paint. After that I cut them out of cardstock. Inside of the 2 mandalas there is a half circle. This one was done first using a stamp and embossing it with @ranger_ink white embossing powder. To finish it all I added some @tcwstencils White Pearl Modeling Paste.
Wow !!! It is amazing how much you can do with an index card in such a small format.

44 / 61

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